About us

iWorld Australia was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

iWorld Australia is a consumer lifestyle business covering all territories in Australia and New Zealand.

We have strong strategic partnerships globally with some of the world’s leading brands. iWorld Australia is now expanding with local and international networks, introducing a quality range of lifestyle products from companies across the globe. 

As the world of commerce continues changing the way it distributes lifestyle products globally iWorld Australia has also changed. 

We currently have warehouse fulfilment centres in Australia, New Zealand and DC’s located in the USA and Hong Kong. 

We have technical support staff based in both Australia and New Zealand to make sure we give premium support and service to our customers. We have specific dedicated teams on-the-ground in sales, marketing and merchandising.

Over the last year we have overhauled our full ecommerce platform to have a strong online marketing sales portal with a strong focus on company growth.

We now have multi-channel platforms with unmatched scalability so you can grow with the iWorld Australia business and brands together to solidify a strong footprint in Australia and New Zealand.

We can scale to the ever change global requirements with our new systems and warehousing implementations.

Chad DeClase & Aldrin DeClase  - Directors