Let’s face it, sometimes it takes a little more than liquid courage to step into the spotlight at Karaoke Night! Although a not so stellar performance makes awesome content for your next Instagram story, chances are you want to be remembered as the dude or gal who nailed the performance. Hey, this may become your side income gig, so rather than having your friends take the microphone away from your hands every time you are ready to perform! But fear not, there are some simple tricks that will help you rock your next performance!

In her article 5 tips for not sucking at Karaoke Jaya Saxena offers simple tips for upping your Karaoke Game. Inspired by her article, we thought we could add our two cents as well.

1. Recognize your song

Have you ever sworn that you know EVERY LAST WORD to a song, only to realize, yeah, no chance. Is it a lot of lyrics and not enough time to breath? Hey, maybe this is the time when you grab your bestie by the hand, give them that second mic and remind him or her of that favor they owe you.

2. Make sure you sound the best you can

Jesse Rauch, the commissioner of Washington, D.C.’s, District Karaoke, confirms you don’t have to have a good voice to be good at karaoke. “What matters is how much of you you're able to add to it—how much fun, or energy, or drama, can you infuse into your performance?” But just to be safe, stick to songs that are favorable to your vocal range. (We will talk about that on our next edition) for now, use this simple rule of thumb, if your voice is not cracking you are on the clear.

3. Be original, but not too original

This is where I am on the fence with the author’s advice. Take it from a Karaoke aficionado, your audience will be your saving grace if you skip steps one and two and decide to go for a song you barely know on a pitch you can’t reach! Stick with popular songs, so if I had to choose between super new, no one knows songs, or old classics, I’d do with the later.

4. Know your audience

Good rule of thumb? Don’t become the sacrificial lamb by going on first. Let others sing out their songs, that way you can get a feel for the audience!

And most importantly....

5. Have fun!

All advice goes out the window unless you are having fun. After all, that is what Karaoke is all about!