The Best Crosley Turntable for Playing Your Favorite Albums

Records are more than just an alternate and old-school way of listening to your favorite tunes: They’re a hands-on, interactive experience. Unlike online streaming, there’s a physical component that connects you to the music — selecting the LP, setting it on the turntable, seeing it spin and hearing the result. The process can be almost meditative, sitting and reading the liner notes until it’s time to flip it to side B.

But when it comes to selecting a turntable, especially one for beginners, there seems to be an endless amount of options for playing your LPs and looking good on the shelf, too. That’s where Crosley stands out from the crowd.

Today, the company offers an entire line of modern-vintage recreations of iconic old players, many of which are easily portable, too. Crosley record players are an ideal starting point for any vinyl collector. While you’ll find no shortage of high-end, audiophile record players online, these Crosley record players are ideal for any casual collector looking for a way to spin their favorite LP.


Crosley C62 Vinyl Turntable with Bluetooth

For a Bluetooth turntable, this unit features a belt-driven turntable system and adjustable tonearm with counterweight, along with a heavy steel platter and audio-grade MDF plinth to cut down on unwanted vibrations. It spins at two speeds, 33 1/3 and 45rpm, and comes pre-loaded with an AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge with the option to upgrade it the future. Streaming via Bluetooth is simple, and it’s easy to switch modes with the turn of a dial. Or if you prefer to go wired, there’s ports for RCA and old-school speaker wire connection too. Speakers and a pre-amp are included, and this also comes with a hard cover on hinges — a nice addition to keep your player and parts free of debris and dust while not in use.

Crosley C62 Vinyl Turntable w/Bluetooth Best Crosley Record Player