Tested: Hands-on with KeySmart’s flashlight-equipped iPro Apple Find My Key Organizer

KeySmart iPro Apple Find My key organizer

We have featured deals on the KeySmart key organizers more than a few times around here, and now it’s time to give up some hands-on impressions. After coming away more than impressed with our time testing out the brand’s SmartCard Apple Find My wallet card tracker, today we are looking at the KeySmart iPro – an Apple Find My-equipped key holder that’s looking to add some peace of mind and organization to your EDC. Head below for more.

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Hands-on with the KeySmart iPro Apple Find My Key Organizer

KeySmart’s iPro Apple Find My Key Organizer is designed to stow up to as many as 14 keys, in a neat, anti key-jingle form-factor. Complete with a miniature and hidden microUSB charging port, it also boasts an onboard flashlight as well as built-in Apple Find My support to help you track down your misplaced keys.


Take a closer look at the specs:

  • Works with the Apple Find My Network
  • Find Your Missing Items From The Apple Find My App
  • Get Notified When You Leave Your Keys Behind
  • Make Your Keys Quiet, Compact & Comfortable
  • Neatly stows up to 14 keys
  • Rechargeable Battery – up to 30 days

9to5Toys’ Take

Apple Find My tech is onboard here and in just the way you would expect. Once the unit is charged up and ready to go – there’s a small micro USB connector hidden beneath a mini trap door – you simply open your Find My app and add it to the usual list of third-party Find My gear. Everything worked as intended, with the app almost immediately recognizing the KeySmart unit and then you’ll be taken through the quick setup process, much the same way as any other official third-party Find My integration. It works just as intended. 

Now let’s move on to the hardware. The slightly longer than a credit card unit is capped on either end with a pair of bolts that can be easily unscrewed to install your keys and other tools. Once unscrewed, there are a series of small black washers used to separate each key or tool in your collection – this allows things to remain neat and with just enough separation between each key to allow them to unfurl in and out of the housing as needed. the system is a generally simple one that works well and remains secure in my testing over the last couple weeks. 

One thing worth pointing out about the bolts here is the size. All of your standard keys will fit, but I do have a couple that don’t. The bolt is a touch too thick to pass through the hole on the top of certain keys – I have a couple with oddly shaped openings on the top (not quite round or oddly triangular) and I can’t force the bolt to pass through them. Most of the keys I have around the house do work, but this is something to keep in mind. 

Once the keys are indeed installed, everything works nicely, making each key simple to get at, unfurl and then use in the intended lock without having the housing get in the way of the opening process. The rounded and curved shape on the unit is worth mentioning in this regard as well. It sort of tapers in nicely through the middle, fitting nicely into the hand while you’re opening doors and the like. 

The unit is charged by way of an included (and very short) USB-A to microUSB cable – this is what powers the handy onboard flashlight and Find My action. I, for one, don’t have many microUSB cables laying around these days, and really would have appreciated a longer cable included in the box. But even more so, what I really wish we had here was wireless Qi-style charging. Perhaps wishful thinking considering the form-factor here, but it would have been great to be able to just throw the whole unit down on a Qi pad on my desk or something to ensure it is always charged up and ready to go. But with roughly 30-day battery life, it works just and is certainly not an issue.

KeySmart iPro Apple Find My key organizer

For me, this key organizer is really geared more towards folks who have five or more keys they need on their keychain at all times. I’m personally just fine with my two keys and a fob, and an organizer like this feels a bit overkill. I can certainly appreciate the Find My action, and no one wants to lose their keys, but I might rather a small, much thinner than an AirTag item tracker I can just thread through my basic old keychain instead – perhaps something like KeySmart’s SmartCard in a smaller form-factor (the SmartCard is the best card tracker I have ever tested out, by the way).

Having said all that, the KeySmart iPro key organizer does indeed do what it says and feels like it would be a handy option for folks with a larger key collection – business owners or folks with an occupation that requires them to have several keys on their person at all times. I just can’t help but feel it would be more practical on either end of the spectrum here – something more rugged made of solid metal for job site use, or just a tiny little Find My tracker tag for traditional keychains or fob setups. 


Originally Published via 9TO5Toys on 25 April 2024 

Author - Justin Kahn

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