PreSonus Dynamic USB Mic Review

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PreSonus unleashed its new Revelator Dynamic USB mic last month just after its entry-level AudioBox Go interface was unveiled. Looking to provide users with a high-quality dynamic solution for broadcasting, streaming, and music recording in one, we have had a chance to go hands-on with its latest in the Revelator lineup to see what it was made of.

PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB mic review:

The latest PreSonus Revelator USB mic enters the existing lineup with a dynamic capsule offering up a broadcast-ready and higher input tolerance solution than its Revelator condenser model. It, like most dynamic mic capsules, is great for up-close recording, rejecting far more of the noise around you than a typical condenser option while also being able to handle a heavier, louder load with clarity – think intense rock and rap vocals or even a guitar cabinet as opposed to intimate singer-songwriter type of stuff. Condenser mics can handle all of this stuff too if you’re careful with gain input settings, but there’s a reason more expensive dynamic models are used on many of the best podcasts and professional music recordings over the years. 

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Not only does the versatile PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB mic come in at a more affordable price tag than many of the less feature-rich solutions out there, but it also packs some great additional features for at-home broadcasters, streamers, and song makers. Loaded with professionally-created vocal treatment presets, it has a built-in on-board range of processing channel strip options in the form of various FX switchable directly from the mic including reverb, compression, EQ, and more. These options can be a great way to add that extra something to your vocal sound without needing to know all that much about professional FX plug-ins – never mind worrying about potential latency when using them live from a DAW or something of that nature. These FX options complement the Revelator Dynamic’s other quality of life features highlighted by a sort of built-in mixer that delivers a pair of dedicated loopback audio channels to easily slide “backing tracks, Skype calls, gameplay audio, and more” behind your live vocals.

The USB-C connected, bus-powered solution also ships with a Studio One Artist DAW recording and Studio Magic software bundle for folks not already invested in a digital recording ecosystem, as well as the PTS-1 extendable desktop mic stand that connects the particularly wonderful L-shaped angle-adjustable arm. 

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Revelator Dynamic is powered by your connected USB-C device so no need for an additional power supply – works great with both Apple and Android devices.
  • Custom-designed dynamic microphone capsule provides vocal clarity and superior off-axis rejection
  • Integrated mixer with two dedicated loopback audio channels to add backing tracks, Skype calls, gameplay audio, and more!
  • Effects processing lets you polish your sound with reverb, compression, EQ, and fantastic Voice FX — all built into Revelator Dynamic
  • PTS-1 extendable desktop mic stand included
  • 96 kHz / 24-bit operation for pristine audio recording
  • macOS and Windows compatible
  • iOS and iPadOS compatible (may require a Camera Connection Kit)
  • Chromebook compatible
PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB mic review

iWorld Online's Take:

The PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB mic is hands down one of the best dynamic options I have come across in the price range, especially for folks looking to bring a wonderful USB-C podcast-ready solution home. Its off-axis noise rejection, built-in FX, and stereo loopback channels coalesce into a value-packed system that easily contends with the competition at a higher price tag. 

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The actual sound of the recordings will almost certainly be on par with more expensive dynamic options to all but the most ardent and experienced audio engineers – it sounds just as good as the more expensive Shure USB dynamic solutions to my ears and I have a hard time really hearing all that much of a difference between the Revelator Dynamic and the latest model edition of the legendary, recording industry-standard Shure SMB7 XLR microphone (especially with spoken word broadcast-style scenarios). 

Another real highlight for me here was the sort of L-shaped angle-adjustable arm. It makes adjusting the mic particularly easy, especially in broadcast or discussion-type situations where you aren’t glued to it for vocal takes. I find, like many during longer conversational recordings, that I’ll need to sort of grab and adjust the angle of the mic as I naturally move around, and the sturdy adjustable clamp on the PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB Mic is a brilliant solution for that, not to mention support for both the included desktop tripod or more substantial overhanging mic stands and the like.