Most kids, when they start growing up, will need access to a pair of headphones for school or when travelling a long journey in the car. It can be a tempting idea to just give them your headphones but that comes with a few risks such as the increased weight on their head and the fact the audio could be very loud for their ears and you do not want to cause them permanent hearing damage. 

A way to prevent these risks is to get them a pair of headphones designed for kids and in this review, we have taken a look at the Majority Kids Superstar overhead headphones. These headphones are very budget-friendly costing only £16.95 and they come in 3 colour options: 

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Grey


In this review, we were kindly sent the blue pair to review and the key features these headphones provide are the following:

  • Daisy chain multiple headphone features
  • Safety limit max 85db
  • In-line remote control
  • 3.5mm audio cable

This is Majority Audio's first attempt at creating a pair of headphones and they have been designed with kids in mind. Who wants to listen to music, watch a film on a long journey and allow your child to get used to basic controls for when the time comes they want a more adult pair of headphones with touch controls.  


The first thing you will notice is the design of these headphones with the blue pair we are reviewing the colours used. The majority is blue but they also use light green to complement the overall design. They use light green on the headphone cushion, Inside the earcup and also just behind the headphone cup.

The earcups use oversized soft cushioned earpads to provide that extra layer of comfort allowing your child to use these for hours on end without the chance of ear fatigue. The headphones are very light coming in at only 6.18oz and made from plastic. The headband is adjustable and comes with a fully foldable design when not in use.   

In terms of branding, you have the Majority logo just above the ear cups and on the top of the headband, you have the superstar logo printed on the band.

The headphones come with a 3.5mm headphone jack that can be plugged into a tablet or a mobile phone to start using the headphones. You will also notice the headphones have 2x 3.5mm ports the reason for that is to create a daisy chain effect so if you have two or 3 kids in the back seat all watching the same film you have put on they can now all listen to the audio together.

Last but not least the headphones come with that 1.2m, 3.5mm audio cable that also comes with a small remote control that has a volume control that you can set to either the lower volume level of 85db designed for the protection of your child’s hearing. The volume control also has a 94db setting for a normal volume level.

The remote control also has a touch control button that will help your child learn how to use certain controls such as:  

  • Short Press:  Play/Pause/Call Management -Answer/Reject
  • Double Press: Next track
  • Triple Press: Previous track  

Overall you have a very nice-looking pair of kids' headphones that with the cushioned headband and oversized soft cushioned ear pads and volume control all provide an excellent option for your children to use for long periods of time and give you the parent a little break. 


What you will notice is there is no battery in the superstar headphones so they only work with a wired connection. You will have also noticed as mentioned these headphones have a volume control that will protect your children’s ears as apps like TikTok can have harsh high frequencies to the audio compression.  

We have tested these on a wide range of child-friendly songs and TV shows and they performed as you would have expected. These are not a pair of headphones that will introduce your child to the world of bass. However, they provided you with a quality level of audio ideal for the little people in your family. 

The standout feature when it comes to the superstar headphones is the fact you can link these to another pair of headphones. So if you have a couple of kids in that back seat on that long car journey they can connect an additional 3.5mm headphone jack into the superstar headphones creating that daisy chain effect so more than one child can listen to the film playing at once. It’s a great idea and stops any unnecessary fighting in that back seat. 


The Majority Superstar headphones are an excellent option for your child's first steps into the world of portable audio products. The style of these headphones will keep kids aged 5 to 10 quite happy and the volume control with a setting to keep the level at 85db is a great idea to protect their ears but there is nothing stopping your child from switching it over to the louder 94db max that would be my only concern.  

The touch control button is a good way for your child to get a basic understanding of the touch controls that we have in our own headphones. We found the audio quality to be very good considering the age range it’s targeted to.  I also very much like the share port/daisy chain feature allowing you to connect multiple headphones together.

Originally Published on September 20, 2022