If you are like me who has just bought a brand new TV you might be looking for a soundbar to enhance the sound quality of your TV. There are main different brands available for a range of budgets. 

So if your looking at the lower end of your budget what is available that does not sound cheap. In this review, we have been sent the Majority Snowdon II. First impressions are it looks great and at £49.95 via Amazon so it won’t hurt you in the pocket.


Majority is a UK consumer electronics brand established in Cambridge in 2012 where they are still based. They offer a wide range of products such as home radios, DVD Players, Smart Speakers and Soundbars. Majority have a claim to fame as they created the world first Alexa enabled DAB radio.  


The Majority Snowdon II is a very decent looking soundbar considering it’s available for under £50 which has made it Europe best-selling soundbar and listed as Amazon’s Choice for Soundbars 

Majority Snowdon II Review

Size-wise the Snowdon II comes in 81cm in Leigh and 8.3 cm wide with a curved finish so this soundbar will fit nicely on your wall or TV cabinet. Weight-wise it’s just over a kilogram so it’s very lightweight. 

The Snowdon II offers an impressive 120W speaker and a built-in subwoofer which really does improve the audio quality and offer a close cinematic experience in your own home. 

Majority Snowdon II Review

You are given a small remote control to allow you to adjust the treble and bass and you can also switch between the following customised equaliser settings –  Music, Movie or Dialog. 

Moving to the back of the soundbar the one thing you will notice from the off is the lack of HDMI Port so you will need to use the RCA cable or AUX connection or Optical Cable Port ( Cable not included). The Snowdon II also allows you to connect via Bluetooth ideal if you just want to use it as a speaker and steam some music from your phone. 

On the side of the soundbar, you have some controls just in case that remote goes missing and you want to still use the soundbar. You have the following buttons: 

  • Power
  • Source
  • Volume increase 
  • Volume Decrease 
  • Pair 

Majority Snowdon II review

On the base, you have two rubberised feet that will help keep the soundbar in place even you have something bass-heavy you listening to music or watching a film. 


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So how does it sound for a budget soundbar? If you’re looking for that surround sound experience the 120w speaker and built-in subwoofer will help. When watching something like Lord of the Rings the soundbar handles the low frequency sounds you get with a film and gives you that something extra.  You get very little harmonic distortion and the wide frequency range also enhances the sound.  (Make sure you use the optical cable if the TV the main reason for this Soundbar). 

Majority Snowdon II Review

The only reason I can see people being put off this speaker is if you want a better quality of sound but that is also paired with a higher price tag.  The other reason is the fact this speaker won’t be able to link up to your smart home so no Alexa or Google but considering the price of the Snowdon II it’s hardly surprising. 



The Majority Snowdon II provides you with a decent offering when on a budget. For £49.95 it’s cost-effective and this will provide your TV audio quality that extra boost. If your using the speaker for just music the sound is not that great but when supported by the TV speakers this is what it’s designed for. As mentioned the lack of smart home compatibility & lack of HDMI Port is disappointing which would be the only reasons you might avoid this stylish soundbar. 

If you want a soundbar that sounds great but at a budget price this has to be an option as surely over 8000 sales on amazon is a sign.