If you’re looking for a vintage looking DAB Radio UK brand Majority has to be a brand you consider.  This is the second review we have done from Majority after the K2 Soundbar.  In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the Majority Little Shelford DAB radio that also comes with the option to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. You may be asking who is the brand Majority? 




Majority is a UK consumer electronics brand established in Cambridge in 2012 where they are still based. They offer a wide range of products such as home radios, DVD Players, Smart Speakers and Soundbars. Majority have a claim to fame as they created the world first Alexa enabled DAB radio.


So let’s take a closer look at the Little Shelford



The Majority Little Shelford is a DAB radio that comes in a vintage look and has been designed with portability in mind. It has a battery compartment that allows you to run the radio without the need for a mains lead. Instead, you fit 4x AA batteries in the compartment and you’re ready to use.


 I personally liked this option as it allows you to use it when having a picnic over at our local woods or even in the garden. The Mains option is better if you’re going to use the radio when in the house.  I do wonder why you have not been provided with a rechargeable battery surely that would not have pushed up the price by much. 


The Little Shelford comes with a leather-looking carry handle which adds to that vintage look. You can get this DAB radio comes in 6 colours:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Duck Egg (Green/Blue)
  • Grey 
  • Red


This radio comes with a 3.5mm jack if you wanted to listen using a pair of wired headphones. I really do question why you need this who going to carry this around with overhead headphones on your head? You also have that 90’s style radio aerial on the back which makes this radio just feel a bit dated.  


On the front of the Little Shelford, you have a speaker grill covering that mono speaker that actually sounds quite nice. 

The top of the radio is where the controls are all placed you have the power/mode button which allows you to switch from DAB to FM and to the Bluetooth Speaker. Other buttons include the scan button to allows you to find stations. The dimmer button lets you scroll through a range of dimmer settings for the display.

You also have a preset button to store your favourite stations and with two buttons that look like fast forward or rewind buttons to skip to your preset options. You also have an enter/snooze button. This is all finished with a twistable volume control.

You also have an LCD screen that had a very clear display that showed the station you are on or when you’re using it as a Bluetooth speaker.    




The Majority Little Shelford is really easy to set up, switch it on with the power button and pick the station you want and enjoy your music. You will find getting a good signal will really depend on where you use this it worked well in my kitchen but the minute we moved this to my dining room we had a lot of interference. When using the little Shelford as a Bluetooth speaker it provided a decent sound quality with a nice level of base.

We found it quite easy to preset radio stations, however, I did have an issue with saving the stations and switching preset stations was a little challenging meaning you would need to go via the menu to change stations.



The Majority Little Shelford DAB Radio with Bluetooth speaker is a great looking digital radio with a Bluetooth speaker for those who want something vintage looking but on a budget. The radio allows you to listen to FM, DAB & DAB+ stations it also comes with an alarm and sleep timer. Making this a handy little radio perfect to sit in your kitchen.