Magneto Longboard Review – Brand That Packs A Punch!

How is Magneto longboard different from other brands? Being a newer brand, can it keep up with the older and more reputable skateboard companies out there? Older doesn’t always mean that they are better, and being new in the industry does not always mean you’re inferior.

But what do we know about Magneto longboard aside from they’re somewhat new? Well, let’s take a closer look and find out what they have to offer in this Magneto longboard review.

Magneto Boards

It all started with curiosity. Magneto is based in the sunny city of Carlsbad, California. The brand’s tradename has been acquired back from a United Kingdom company. Since then, the brand started reviving the skateboard lineup.

California, having a deep history in skating and surfing, is the perfect place to design and manufacture their decks. This group of product engineers takes pride in the brainpower that makes up their team including its mother company that has more than 50 years of product development experience to its name.

They are not just about creating a great deck but they also design golf clubs, airplanes, and a lot more. The team is all about creating the highest quality products using cutting-edge technologies that would change the skate industry.

Even with the high-quality skateboards they offer, they still believe in making their items accessible to everyone by making them affordable. Magneto has a wide range of boards available for both newbies and experts.

Aside from quality, the brand name also takes its designs and graphics seriously by creating cool and eye-catching graphics. Magneto also sells components, accessories, apparel, skate tool, kid’s helmets, and hats on their website. By the way, they have an electric skateboard line, too.

Of course, the brand not only focused on developing game-changing products but also valuing their customers. This is why they make sure that customer concerns are attended to quickly and professionally by their customer service team.

An Overview of Magneto Longboards

An Overview of Magneto Longboards

Being a new name in the skateboard industry, the brand had surprisingly received a lot of positive reviews for their longboard line. Many veteran riders are impressed by the caliber and affordability of the Magneto longboard. It’s very seldom to get a high-quality board for a very reasonable price.

The brand has a wide range of longboards to choose from. They have bamboo longboards, glider collection, Hana collection, cruiser longboard, and downhill board. Their products offer a unique riding experience to every rider. You can also find a variety of sizes that ranges from 35″ to 46″, so there’s something for everyone.

The materials they use for their board are a combination of bamboo, maple wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, that you won’t normally see in most budget-friendly boards. The trucks on every single longboard skateboard are made of gravity cast aluminum and the wheels’ material is SHR- high rebound urethane.

You can buy a longboard complete or if you want to customize and assemble your own longboard, you may opt to purchase a deck only. The board designs are somehow simple and plain but are still nice-looking. There’s something charming about the simplicity and the natural wood finish of their longboard skateboard.

Features of Magneto Longboard

Features of Magneto Longboard

Deck Construction and Dimensions

Most of the decks are made of bamboo with a combination of maple wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. The natural cellular structure of the bamboo deck has long fibers that make it one of the best materials for a high efficient longboard. Its cellular structure makes bamboo flexible and remarkably strong. The number of layers usually ranges from 5 to 8 ply.

Deck dimensions vary depending on the type or style. The shortest size is 35″ while the longest is 46″, although they do have a mini-cruiser with a size of 27.5″ long. As for the board’s width measurement ranges from 9″ to 10″ wide, except of course for the mini cruiser which has a 7.5″ width.


Magneto understands the importance of concave on boards, which is why they make their longboard available with a variety of concaves. They have shallow concave, subtle W concave, subtle radial with slight reverse camber, subtle progressive concave, and deep radial concave.


Every Magneto truck is made of gravity cast aluminum with a size of 7 inches and bushings of medium stiffness. Standard aluminum alloy trucks have no match with the ones that come with Magneto’s longboard. These high-quality trucks provide every board the stability and responsiveness needed depending on how you want to ride them.


When it comes to wheels, they are made of SHR-high rebound urethane, making every ride smooth. Measurement and durometer vary depending on the deck size and the durometer varies depending on the type and function of the board.


The bearings that come with the assembled longboard are pretty standard, however, you have an option to upgrade them will an additional fee. Although the precision bearings on the longboard are regular bearings, they are still quite good and they work well.

Weight Capacity

Depending on which longboard you choose, most of the longboards have a weight capacity of between 250 lbs to 300 lbs. This only proves how strong Magneto boards are.


The flex of the board allows you to play around with your longboard depending on how you want to ride them. Since each rider has their own preferred riding style and needs, the flex on Magneto longboard also varies. It has soft, medium soft, medium firm, to extra stiff.


The minimalist designs of Magneto’s longboard give the deck a classy and sophisticated look. Even with the simple style, they are still stylish and attractive.

Riding Styles

Magneto longboard offers several styles of riding like downhill, carving, cruising, and free style.

Magneto Longboard Collection

Magneto Longboard Collection

Are you ready to learn more about Magneto’s longboard line? If you are wondering which one to get, maybe you’ll find something interesting in one of their collections with this review on Magneto’s longboard product line.

Cruiser Longboard Review

Let’s start with their cruiser longboards. There are several cruiser bamboo longboards available on the company’s page. The size varies from 38″ to 44″ long, while the width is bet 9″ to 9.5″ wide. This beginner-friendly bamboo deck has large soft wheels for a smooth ride and a stiff deck so you can work on your balancing skills better.

The components are all made with high-quality materials as they believe that even newbies deserve the best bamboo longboard just like the pros. When it comes to wheelbase it also varies depending on the measurement and shape of the board, but they are within the range of 27″ to 34″.


  • Made of sturdy bamboo and maple deck
  • Has excellent tight turning radius
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Perfect for beginners and those who prefer stylish cruising
  • Some of the longboards are not only designed for cruising but also for freestyle like the Hana Twin Longboard and Hana pintail


  • Simple graphic designs

Glider Collection Review

If you are looking for a smoother ride, cruise long distances, and still surf while drifting then it’s worth checking out Magneto’s Glider collection. So what are the benefits of the glider? The wheels make all the difference. With its 100mm x 25mm wheels, you can ride on almost any kind of terrain. Those small rocks, sticks, rough roads, and cracks will no longer be on your way.


  • Deck construction is a combination of bamboo and maple wood
  • Can overcome almost all obstacles or debris
  • The bigger wheels allow riders to speed up and maintain speed longer
  • Feels like gliding on butter


  • Only available in 3 styles
  • Simple designs

Downhill Longboards Review

This collection is probably one of the best among the Magneto longboarding line. Riding downhill will never be this fun with their Carbon Fiber Downhill and Tesla Downhill Longboard. Only the finest and high-tech materials are used to make create this high-speed board. The combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber are the main materials to create this deck.


  • The high-angle trucks are responsible for the tight turning radius
  • Made of carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Not only great for downhills but also on steeper hills
  • Easy to carry around


  • Limited options

Magneto Longboard Pros and Cons

Magneto Longboard Pros and Cons

Are you impressed with Magneto longboard bamboo so far? Now that we’ve reviewed their bamboo longboard collection, let’s discuss the overall strengths and weaknesses of their longboards.


  • Premium deck

Magneto has a bamboo deck, a maple deck, and a combination of both. The technology used on the Magneto board is cutting edge. The bamboo structure can be weak across the grain and to counter this weakness, Magneto combined the power of fiberglass and carbon fiber which can be seen in most of their boards. The result is a very flexible yet very strong deck.

The number of plies also varies. Some are 5-ply and the are also 8-ply decks. Regardless of the number of layers, the overall deck quality is outstanding.

  • Various Shapes and Sizes

Depending on your preference and size, you can always find the best board for you. They have a wide range of sizes from 35 inches to 44 inches. The deck sizes allow your feet to move around freely and adjust accordingly.

As for the shape, they have pintail, bamboo drop through, blunt nose, cut out, and dancer. All these shapes and sizes are designed for specific riding preferences.

  • First-rate Wheels and Bearings

All the wheels that come with the Magneto longboards bamboo are SHR-high rebound urethane. They also come in various sizes depending on the longboard size. The bearings can be upgraded to a higher quality but with an added fee.

  • Heavy-Duty Trucks

The Magneto trucks are not your ordinary aluminum alloy trucks, they are made of gravity cast aluminum with a size of 7″. The bushings have a rate of medium stiffness. The truck mount depends on the shape of the board. There are recessed truck mounts for a lower center of gravity that is perfect for gaining more speed and tight turns.

  • Available in different curvature

The concave on the deck are also available on different levels. From shallow concave to deep radial concave. They even have slight reverse camber and subtle progressive concave that you won’t find on other brands. The concave also secures the feet when riding at high speeds.

  • Accessible for beginners and pros

You can find something for you whether you are a newbie or a professional. The 44″ Kicktal Cruiser and the Hana Pintail are great choices for newbies.

  • For different riding styles

Longboarding is not just about cruising going downhill. So, Magneto also created their board ready to do freestyle and other riding disciplines.

  • Budget-friendly

Considering the caliber of Magneto’s longboard, they are still very affordable compared to their competitors. The price range of their longboard is between $80 to $180. This is truly a great value for your money.

  • A team of product engineers

The people behind the brand are a group of experienced product engineers who are knowledgeable not only on longboarding but with other products as well like, golf, planes, etc. This only shows how much brainpower is working within the team in designing and creating an exceptional longboard.

  • Excellent customer service

Magneto cares not only for the standard of the deck, wheels, and trucks but also for their customers. They value them as much as their products, so they have provided an excellent group of agents to solve any problem, answer queries, and concerns regarding their longboard. The team replies fast, normally within after a few hours.


  • Simple and plain designs

For riders who like bold and striking graphics, Magneto board designs are somehow minimalist. Although this does not affect the board performance, for most riders graphics are still important.

  • Sand grit finish does not hold much

Many riders still prefer the grip tape over the sand grit finish on the bamboo deck. Some feel that it was used more for the aesthetic rather than function. However, it still provides a decent grip when cruising.

  • Trucks are a bit loose

You need to tighten the trucks before using the board or after a few rides to keep the wheels from wobbling.

How Do the Magneto Longboard Compare to Other Boards?

How Do the Magneto Longboard Compare to Other Boards

Do you think Magneto is a better value option than the pricey ones? Magneto only proves that being a newer brand in the longboarding industry does not always mean they cannot compete with the more experienced names. They have even exceeded the expectations of many longboard enthusiasts like me, competitors and riders.

The brainpower they used to design and create not only a strong but versatile longboard shows that they know what they’re doing and are knowledgeable with their craft. The use of carbon fiber and fiberglass made up for the weakness of bamboo, creating an even stronger deck in the process.

What most riders love about the longboard is the feeling they get every time they ride. It’s smooth, fast, turns easily, and can manage most terrains even the bumpy and steep slopes.

The wide selection of their longboards ensures that there is something for everyone, be it for beginners or seasoned skaters. The shapes are also unique like the blunt nose shape they have for downhill and freestyle riding.

The price is also reasonable considering the materials used in each board and even the components that come with it. Every longboard is assembled with high-grade wheels, bearings, grip, and trucks. Giving you the best longboard they can manufacture at an affordable price. They even have a free skate tool when you order.

When it comes to graphics, they are rather plain and minimalist showcasing the natural beauty and color of the bamboo. There’s really nothing wrong with it, but for most skaters, they also consider the overall look of the longboard and not just the performance.

Another drawback is the sandblast grit they use to replace grip tape on some of their longboards. They provide decent grip on a board but somehow not as grippy as the grip tape. But other people’s reviews still find the sandblast coating stylish and efficient.

The trucks seem to be a little loose, too. Although one can easily tighten them by hand. So be sure to check on those once you receive your longboard before using it.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

So what’s our final verdict with these longboards? Magneto is a promising brand capable of creating a strong, functional, and versatile longboard. The innovation in their boards has proven that they have a bright future ahead of them. Magneto’s longboards offer smooth rides, that are great for drifting, carving, cruising, and even downhill rides. A board for all levels of riders, for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Magneto longboards good?

Yes, Magneto longboards have a collection of decent and high-quality decks and a complete array of boards that cater to users of all abilities.

What is the best brand of longboards?

There are a lot of good longboard brands that have hit the market in recent decade and Magneto is definitely up there with the best.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

In our view, The Cruiser longboard collection is probably the best option for beginners. They have soft big wheels with a stiff deck. Plus, you can even choose your wheel color, available in black, red, and blue. Hana pintail is also a great choice for a starter board.

Is a cruiser or pintail longboard better?

That depends on what your riding style is, usage and ability level. Cruiser or pintail boards are great for relaxed cruising around town. However, if you are into fast downhill rides, there are better boards for that.

Does Magneto have a board for free style?

Yes, they do. You can choose from the Slot Machine Longboard, Bamboo Cruiser Longboard, Bamboo Carver Longboard, and even Hana Twin Longboard for freestyles.

Why use bamboo as their main material for most of their board?

There is no doubt that bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials available and that its strength and flexibility are very appealing. I guess this is the main reason why they use bamboo as the main material for their boards.

Where did they get the inspiration from the Hana series?

As the name suggests, it was inspired by the sand beaches along Hana in Maui.

Does the board come with grip tape?

Yes, each longboard skateboard completes, and decks all come with a grip tape or a clear sandblast coating.

What is blunt nose shape good for?

Having stiffer flex, they are very stable which makes them perfect for freestyle or downhill riding.

What is a cut-out shape board good for?

Since it has a bigger clearance between the deck and wheels, it gives skaters better turns. This shape is one of the most versatile board shapes and can be used for carving, free style, downhill, and cruising.

What is the weight capacity of the Glider collection?

The maximum weight capacity for all three styles is ~275 lbs.

Is their Slot Machine Longboard any good?

Based on the reviews, riders find the Slot Machine edition easy to turn and feels like the longboard is conforming with every move.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do –  free shipping for orders over $100 and on full-priced board within the 48 states of the US.

Do they ship internationally?

Yes, however, it may take longer to receive the item. Also, buyers may be responsible for any customs fees or import duties that may be incurred so worth having a conversation with them.