iWorld Australia signs ANZ exclusive distribution with LaScoota

Introducing LaScoota

LaScoota engineers high-performance, nimble kick scooters for riders of all skill levels. And we’ve built thoughtful features into every ride, from our kid-friendly light-up 2-in1 to our commutable cult favorite Metro scooter.

Your Life Your Scooter

From pink marble to sleek black, we’re proud to offer a massive variety of on-trend colors and designs to serve the style of every rider.

We’ve built thoughtful features into every ride, from our kid-friendly light-up 2-in-1 to our comfort-enhanced cult favorite Metro scooter.

We believe you don’t need to go electric to craft a sleek, high-performance, feature-packed scooter.

We always wanted a fun, family-friendly activity that would get the kiddos outside. But there were no safe scooter options for toddlers that let them scoot or sit. So we made one ourselves, adding a seat and other cool features like adjustable height options. We loved what we had made. So we put it out into the world. Parents loved that this fun activity was also healthy, getting kids to exercise, balance, and focus. And, of course, kids loved the light-up wheels.

We made our scooters better than ever. We added a teen and adult scooter, both made with premium materials and loaded with thoughtful, user-tested features. As for the rest of the story? We’re always creating, innovating, and coming up with incredible new features and designs. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Timeless Tech that lasts forever. Kick Global Warming's Butt. Doable exercise in a sluggish world.

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