Crosley C62 Review (A Serious New Tech Turntable System)

With it’s moving magnet cartridge and other upgraded components, will this modernized Crosley system satisfy the audiophile in you? Find out in this Crosley C62 review.

Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included...

Crosley C62 Modern Bluetooth Turntable System

4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Ease of Use


Easy setup with familiar with speaker connections


Build Quality


Lightweight system with cost-effective materials


Sound Quality


Good speaker quality with Bluetooth capability


Value for Money


Affordable component system with connectivity 

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Crosley C62 Review: Does It Deliver Both Convenience And Sound?


The Crosley C62 was originally launched as a complete ready-to-go out of the box system with an easy-to-use turntable including two 8 ohm 10-watt stereo speakers.

Featuring a built-in switchable preamp and RCA outputs, it’s designed to make connecting to your existing stereo components a breeze.

At the stylus end, it sports a variable weighted tonearm has a moving magnet cartridge, a standard 1/2” mount for easy cartridge replacement, and a replaceable NP5 needle.

Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included...

As for modern amendments, the Crosley C62 can switch to Bluetooth to use speakers and conveniently play back your favorite digital songs from any paired Bluetooth device.

On the whole, this turntable system is designed for beginners and those new to vinyl. Think of it as a simple and affordable introduction to the wider world of vinyl media while still enjoying your digital music.

More About Crosley Turntable Systems

The Crosley company became famous for launching their first turntables in 1992 – in an era when vinyl was supposedly “dead.”

These early Crosley turntables emulated vintage “suitcase” turntable designs that many people remember fondly from their childhoods.

While these kitschy retro turntables didn’t necessarily sound great, the fun, nostalgic, retro design has been incredibly appealing, and people still love using them to introduce their kids to music on vinyl.

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Since then, their appealing designs combined with affordable pricing and simple setup have introduced a new generation of music lovers to the rich world of vinyl records, and the pleasing rituals of listening to physical music media.

However, in order to grab market share, earlier generations of Crosley turntables did develop a reputation for low quality and poor tracking.

The Crosley C62 is the company’s attempt at engineering a more upscale, user friendly system. One such upgrade is the AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge, which improves tracking and playback quality.

Crosley C62B Turntable System in Grey

Designed with a little foresight, the cartridge has a standard mount allowing it to be upgraded over time. And sonically, the new variable weighted tonearm also improves stability over earlier Crosley models for an improved listening experience.

Rounding out the package, the Crosley C62 Turntable System comes with a pair of stereo speakers that also act as Bluetooth receivers. which conveniently support playback of your digital music from any paired device.

Lastly, the C62 system shows that Crosley stays true to their approachable roots while making improvements to appeal to more experienced audiophiles.

Who is the Crosley C62 for?

Both the affordable Crosley C62B and C62A Shelf systems are designed for newcomers to vinyl who want a modernized, easy to use full feature hifi system.

Perfect for younger people who are curious to explore the sound of vinyl records, or those who are a little older and want to reengage with the immersive vinyl experience without the hassle.

The Bluetooth receiver capability of the speakers is especially suited for those who regularly enjoy multimedia connectivity, or perhaps may not find their favorite songs available on vinyl.

Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included...

What’s Included?

The Crosley C62 Shelf System comes with the turntable with a factory-aligned cartridge, two 10 watt stereo speakers, and speaker wires to complete assembly.

As mentioned, this system is designed to be ready to go and provide great sound right out of the box.

C62 Turntable Top Features

Surprisingly for a relatively inexpensive package, the included full-range speakers are an excellent match for the turntable.

When you consider the added cost of buying a good pair of bookshelf speakers, the complete C62 system starts to look more and more attractive.

“… a quality turntable that sounds and looks awesome.”

To improve playback stability, the belt-driven heavy steel platter is firmly planted on three vibration control feet.

At the same time, the aluminum tonearm features an adjustable counterweight letting you dial in precise performance with fewer problematic distractions or playback issues.

The business end of the system is an NP5 diamond needle housed in an AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge, which can easily be replaced or upgraded if you choose.

Crosley C62B-WA Belt-Drive 2-Speed Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with Included...


  • Full-size belt-driven steel platter
  • NP5 diamond needle
  • AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge
  • Aluminum tonearm with adjustable counterweight
  • Two-speed record playback
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • RCA outputs
  • Built-in switchable preamp
  • Pair of 10-watt speakers

Using Crosley C62 Turntable System

The Crosley C62 series of turntables are extremely simple to set up for initial playback. It comes with the cartridge factory installed and aligned so you don’t need to fuss with it. The package also includes the necessary speaker wires.

Simply connect the left and right speaker wires to the turntable and speakers’ indicated left and right inputs, then use the AC adapter to plug in the turntable.

During your first use, you will probably need to adjust the counterweight on the tonearm. To set the counterweight, remove the tonearm from the stand so it can float freely.

Rotate the counterweight so that the tonearm is balanced flat, resting in a level position.