3 Ways to Store Your Vinyl Records

Now that you're an avid vinyl collector, you need the right vinyl storage method to store your vinyl. Remember, your vinyl needs to be stored upright and away from direct sunlight, so, we have collated some storage methods to best suit your vinyl collection.


When you start collecting records you don’t immediately need a cabinet that can hold hundreds of records. Start small with the handy and high-quality Wiltshire Turntable Stand. The tilted black wire frame makes for a sleek and modern design. The rack at the front of the Wiltshire has room for approximately 10 albums. 



Crosley has designed the Manchester vinyl storage for all lovers of retro design. The Manchester stand can hold up to approximately 25 records and fits all Crosley briefcase-design record players. 


You don’t have enough space in your home, but the collectors bug has taken over? Check out the Soho stand to solve your problems. This cabinet has room for a record player and amplifier. Comes with cable management holes and can hold up to 200 records. Just like that! You stored everything in one place.

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